Attend This Conference Focused on the Auction of CBRS Priority Access Licenses

This one-day educational conference in Washington DC is designed for executives interested in understanding the bidding strategy, auction mechanics; auction rules; and enterprise opportunity for owning and operating one or more of the 22,631 Priority Access Licenses available in the 3550-3650 MHz portion of the 3.5GHz band.





This one-day highly-focused event takes place steps away from the FCC and in the heart of the communications policy and regulatory center of the nation.

Use this opportunity to network with CBRS thought-leaders, technology suppliers, experts in shared spectrum technology, as well as the legal and regulatory experts with years of experience in spectrum auctions and transactions.

Whether or not your company is planning on participating in Auction 105, the feedback and insight you glean from the speakers, demo partners and other attendees at the workshop will help add to your body of knowledge with regard to Auction 105 and the broader utilization of 3.5GHz spectrum.

A schedule-of-events is as follows:

  • Registration Opens: 8:00 am
  • Program Commences: 9:00 am
  • Hosted Lunch
  • Meetings and Networking
  • Hosted Closing Reception

Premier Sponsor

Supporting Organization

With 150 MHz of spectrum available in some markets — particularly in rural, non-coastal areas — CBRS could provide a viable FWA spectrum option for private LTE networks to serve enterprises or residential customers.


Featured Speakers

Chris Stark

CBRS Alliance


Varun Vashisht

Director – Wireless Sales || SAS/CBRS || Private Wireless Networks


Armand Musey

President & Founder
Summit Ridge Group


Mark Gibson

Director of Business Development



Jeff Kohler

Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer
Rise Broadband

Steve Coran

Chair, Broadband, Spectrum, Utilities, and Communications Infrastructure Practice

Lerman Senter



Who Should attend

This is your opportunity to meet, influence and forge relationships with likely auction bidders, potential GAA users, solutions providers in the CBRS and shared spectrum community — and other interested organizations in the most disruptive and exciting mid-band auction to date.


Communications Service Providers & Network Operators

Critical Infrastructure

Neutral Host Networks, Tower Owners & Edge Computing

Commercial Real Estate Owners, Developers 


Our Objective

The rush to lead the world in 5G networks is on, and failure to deliver the same disruptive speed improvements that LTE had over 3G would mute the impact of 5G deployment in the United States.

The 3.5GHz “CBRS” spectrum band auction is exciting because, even in the very first days of commercial operations, there are already an incredibly diverse set of applications poised to launch.

It is our objective to provide information, business insight and opportunities for prospective CBRS spectrum users — carriers, enterprises, vendors or other — to convene, learn, meet technology suppliers, and further the movement of unlocking 5G spectrum for myriad uses and innovation.

We hope you will join us and contribute to the knowledge, innovation and insight that make the 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum bands exciting.

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Demos & Meetings

Utilize the common areas or private meeting rooms for product demos, partner meetings and customer presentations.


Take part in the Educational Program as a Speaker, Panelist or Moderator.


Media organizations, Trade groups and industry consortia — partner with us and provide registration discounts to your members and readers.